This is the collective blog of Babyslave – a music and performance art micro-collective in an industrial tradition who take inspiration from the work of Marcel Duchamp, William Burroughs and Luigi Russolo – and Hypnotique – electro-cabaret chateuse, contemporary storyteller and theremin diva We are based in Manchester and Nottingham in England.

The purpose of this blog is to transmit, with the purpose of creating a record and archive, our activities, philosophies and inspirations (political, musical, artistic, social) as we moved further into the internalised rituals of music-making, so as to ensure we don’t move too far into our nether regions without making contact with what they call the ‘real world’.

Here’s some ‘pretentious blurb’TM on what our first mission is about, which we call The Lair of Eros:

“A circular journey into a world both seedy and corrupt, yet a reflection of that which lurks behind the gaudy shop front of the modern, apocolyptic-era consumerist society. The musical technique is one of oblique strategies yet also reverse psychology – where seemingly literal images create a sense of known narrative yet a converse, darker journey is undertaken, where beautiful landscapes sooth an aural picture of decay, and happy melodies dance folly a circus of bloody, human horrors.”

Join Us.

Babyslave website

Hypnotique website


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