Babyslave’s debut EPs: PINK and BLUE available for free download

August 10, 2008 at 8:52 pm (Babyslave Music, Babyslave recordings, Rebellious Jukebox) (, , )

Babyslave PINK EP sleeve

Babyslave PINK EP sleeve

Babyslave are pleased to announce our first ever solo release. It’s not one, but TWO brand new EPs to whet the appetite and soak away those turbulent summer nights of outdoor drinking and psychological barbeques. The first “Blue” EP is packed with original material (summer pop classic Boys On Demand as the lead track) alongside a Charlie Machine-sung b-side and two chipper remixes to boot. The second “Pink” EP is four “Industrial themed” covers – all taken from this rather rare (and wonderful) beast of obscure and unexpected Industrial Records tunes (Throbbing Gristle‘s label that coined the now overused term ‘industrial’ music). We’ve changed the lyrics and arrangements a fair bit to be mildly more contemporary. We Hate You Little Girls Aloud? You betcha!

Babyslave BLUE EP sleeve

Babyslave BLUE EP sleeve

And because we’re just too kind we’re putting them out totally for free for you to Bit-Torrent, file share and copy to your heart’s content. You can download both EPs and Joe Ladyboy’s dolled-up artwork from the Rebellious Jukebox website.

This is Babyslave’s first release – we have a potential album to release but it’s somewhat contingent on letters from the reader and generating enough interest in what we’re doing.  If you take the time to download and listen to the EPs, we’d really appreciate your feedback – good or bad (we’re not precious!) as to what you think of the music, which tracks you like and dislike and what you’d like to hear more (or less) of to help us inform if it’s worth us putting out a ‘commercial’ (ahem) album, or indeed to even write and produce more material together!

Please post comments either here or on the Babyslave MySpace page or you can email me at with your critique.

God bless you,

The Leather Nun


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Rebellious Jukebox launch and free Babyslave track ‘Cadavers’

March 9, 2008 at 9:58 am (Babyslave Music, Babyslave recordings, Rebellious Jukebox) ()

Rebellious Jukebox, the new un-label music collective, which Babyslave are honoured to be one of their inaugural founding members, is now open for business after a Jap-pop fuelled launch in Manchester in February.  Check out the Rebellious Jukebox website, where you can download (for free, non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license) a jam-packed 10 track sampler of musical goodies, which features a brand new exclusive Babyslave track ‘Cadavers‘.   This was recorded as a spontaneous 3-way authoring and composing collaboration in one day between Sir Lucifer, Ms Hypnotique and Charlie Machine, with the pre-ordained subject of medical corpses.  It tells the cut-up tale of a romance between a trainee physician and the evil spirit of his cadaver.  Enjoy!

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Musings on “I Confess”

July 9, 2007 at 11:53 pm (Babyslave recordings)

Babyslave are going to do something clever soon involving download EPs – it’s the new 7″. Or cassette-only release fad. It may involve the colours pink and blue and it may involve a tribute to the luminary Industrial Records, but it’s all a bit hush-hush for now. It’s gonna be great – trust me!

Last week, myself and Mr Ladyboy gathered on his home turf ‘oop north’ to plan phase 2 of the Babyslave mission, and, as industrious as always we spanked out a few hits between Match Of The Day and Dr Who.

One that turned out rather nice was a 21st century rendition of that long-lost industrial classic, “I Confess” by Dorothy. It’s a sort of post-modern, self-referential, Serge Gainsbourg-esque effort at a jolly pop song by Dorothy Max Prior and Alex Fergusson who went on to join Psychic TV. It’s got that paedo-pop style ‘is she/isn’t she’ underage thing going on. Anyway, great article appeared on ‘tinternet via Kid Shirt’s blog to over-analyse this pop vignette in fine detail.

Blow me, if Miss Dorothy herself didn’t reply herself for what makes an intriguing post script to the “I Confess” story. It turns out that it was submitted (but sadly not shortlisted) for entry in Eurovision! I like the idea of her scrabbling together lyrics based on the contents of her floor. Very like Babyslave’s mode of operating, even for re-working this number.

It also seems that around 2005/06 was a year of syncronicity for “I Confess” coming back into the public’s consciousness, including a recall at an art show curated by Foxtrot Echo (former member of Coum Transmissions). Surely not the same controversial art show in Eastbourne where Hypnotique’s Pact With The Devil live album was recorded?

Anyway, when it’s all ready to sink your sweet teeth into, our version, packed full of contemporary references to a just-past culture (the namecheck of Kenny Gee had Joe in convulsions), will be up there as UK’s answer to ‘My Lovely Horse‘. Null point.

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