The Arc Delirium

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Last Saturday (1st November 2008) Babyslave completed work on their sophomore release (and follow up to 2006’s self-titled debut): The Arc Delirium comprises 10 tracks including recent singles Boys On Demand and We Hate You Little Girls Aloud (the latter in radically reworked form).

Other tracks include live favourites Erase Yourself and The Deadlier Venus, the sublime Hot Wolves and the epic, 10 minute Somnambulent.

Produced and mixed by the band themselves, the album was recorded in a variety of locations over the last 18 months, during a period of (in some cases) traumatic artistic and personal upheaval for all three members of the collective.

The album will be released in February 2009 in a variety of physical formats (as well as a digital download option), with various live excursions to be announced in the coming weeks.

Full tracklisting for the new album is as follows:

1. All My Dead Friends
2. Boys On Demand
3. Good Design
4. Hot Wolves
5. The Deadlier Venus
6. Erase Yourself
7. White Noise
8. We Hate You
9. Needling The Beatniks
10. Somnambulent

Our various web-interfaces (including will also be relaunched during the coming weeks to coincide with the build up to the release of the new album. Thankyou for listening.


November 2008


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Babyslave’s post-ATP nightmare gig

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So inspired were the ‘slave by the musical delights of ATP, we tried to recreate it back home. Quite literally, by staging a full scale gig in the (damp) wine cellar of chez Ms Hypnotique in her abode next to a windmill in Nottingham.

Nightmare before Xmas flyer

Billed as ‘The Nightmare before Christmas: a post-ATP gig for goths, gouls and fools‘, in addition to a Victorian/gothic dress code and absinthe cocktails, we were joined by:

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin plays (photo copyright Pieter Last)

A visitor from Belgium, Bejamin Franklin enthralled with a sit down (necessary as ceiling was only 5′ 10) zone out set of spacey guitars, minature keyboards and tape delays.

John Callaghan

John Callaghan is a Christmas treeJohn callaghan christ knows what he's doing

John Callaghan and his glowing pants
(photos above: Pieter Last)

John Callaghan in neon
(photos above by Laura Partridge)

Good friend of the ‘slave Mr John Callaghan, resplendant in glow sticks, neon net curtains, half-suit/half-nude and union jack g-string to give a taste of tracks from his new album ‘It Might Never Happen‘.


‘Slave photos by Pieter Last:

babslave masked Charlie machine plays violin

Slave photos by Laura Partridge:

Joe Ladyboy takes charge

Charlie machine plays violin

Joe Ladyboy masked

Charlie machine plays violin masked

Joe Ladyboy takes charge

Hypnotique did a number but not enough time/willpower for a full set, and the ‘Slave concluded with a one-off rendition of the entire debut album (“Babyslave”), top to tail. Kind of therapeutic, ‘getting it out of the system’ to move onto the next phase.

Trying out a very different look featuring ball gowns and masks, the minimalism of a damp basement was quite possible the perfect place for it – though jesus knows what some of the guests/neighbours/visiting cats made of it – Nottingham hasn’t seen the likes of this subversion before.

Little of interest seems to happen in Nottingham nowadays, but if you can’t become a member of ‘the club’ then start your own – and tonight we did. The first of many self-initated ‘slave based ‘happenings’.But after seven years playing in rock n roll bands, I still find myself humping gear up three flights of stairs (but this time in my own home).

Thanks to those who came, and thanks to those who didn’t for making the night exclusively legendary.

Happy new year – and remember – only the critic can critique.

Ms Hypnotique

the critic cat

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Babyslave at the Nightmare Rave Part 3

December 19, 2007 at 9:40 pm (electronic music, extreme music, Uncategorized)

Joe Ladyboy’s pic’n’mix guide to Portishead’s ATP 07:

1) The (very VERY) Good:


(Portishead, Malcolm Middleton, Chrome Hoof, Sunn O))), Damo Suzuki, Seasick Steve, Thurston Moore, GZA and The “Porta-Wu”).

2) The Good (but not quite as good as the above):


(Richard D Aphex Acieed III, Professor Branca, Kling Klang, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Autolux, The Blessing, The Horrors, Oneida)

3) The Mad, The Bad, The “ish” and The Downright Bloody Annoying:


(Jukes, Malakai, Boris, St Julian Cope of Tamworth, Rosie Red Rash, John Parish, Earth, Sparklehorse)

4) Some random notes on the weekend:

i) Charlie Machine is either a very good gamesman, or a very lucky bastard when it comes to ten pin bowling. Either that or the rest of Babyslave are just woefully shit at “sport” in general.

ii) Julian Cope was my biggest disappointment of the weekend (and 2nd biggest disappointment of the year after Bonnie “Prince” Billy at the Royal Festival Hall in January). Liked the new album, loved the Japrocksampler book, but this performance was turgid, dull, uninspiring and completely lacking in both charisma and tunes – NOT words that you’d usually associate with a Julian Cope review.

iii) Shoulder massages rock. Particularly after 4 hours of ProgDoomMetal.

iv) So do waterslides designed for 8 years olds

v) The John Hurt chest-bursting scene in Alien IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY, OK!!!!

Sincerest Regards

Joe Ladyboy (December 2007)

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Babyslave at the Nightmare Rave

December 14, 2007 at 6:56 pm (Blogroll, Uncategorized)

There is something touchingly perfect about the conflation of the English holiday camp in midwinter and the kind of confrontational, experimental music associated with All Tomorrow’s Parties. The experience at Butlins in Minehead this year was given added poignancy by the death two days before of the arch obscurantist German Composer from the Dog Star, Sirius, Karlheinz Stockhausen. His name and demise was barely mentioned, but his invisible spirit could be discerned by those in the know, haunting the chalets and alleys of the proletarian pleasure ground, confused by the noises erupting from multiple stages, so different to the instructions he gave, even to some of his more productive disciples – two members of Can, for a start, whose spirit was so much more in evidence in the morphing play of Oneida or the very real presence of Damo Suzuki and even as a trace, but only as a trace, in the sonic ministrations of the rocking antiquarian Saint Julian of Cope.

The Babyslave camp had mixed feelings about some of the acts for sure, but there was a general sense of Portishead having curated with great skill and taste. Sunno)))) were simply stunning in their theatricality and interminably sustained sub-bass mantras. Chrome Hoof were astonishing – a hybrid of metal, acid house and the performativity of Earth, Wind and Fire, Machine has rarely been so excited by a live act. The Horrors were joyfully silly, Malcolm Middleton joyfully misanthropic, Aphex Twin drove out the second and third nights with inspired piece of DJ landscaping that kept the throng dancing dancing dancing, and Seasick Steve and Thurston were the delights you would expect. And then Portishead themselves, showed they had lost nothing and gained depth and strength over the past ten years.

Difficult to fault – aside perhaps from the transport. And the wind was wild. And the beer was weak. And the newspaper selection was limited. But as an unannounced tribute to and absolute perversion of everything Stockhausen once stood for, it was perfectly exquisite.

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Slave Neu World

July 2, 2007 at 12:18 am (Uncategorized)

Good morning, and welcome to the Lair of Eros.  Can we tempt you with tea?  Martini?  Martyrdom?

This is the appropriately collective blog of Babyslave – a music and performance art micro-collective in an industrial tradition who take inspiration from the work of Marcel Duchamp, William Burroughs and Luigi Russolo.   We are based in Manchester and Nottingham in England.

Blah, Blah, Blah…
For all the blurbs, discography and biogs see the Babyslave website

The purpose of this blog is to transmit, with the purpose of creating a record and archive,  our activities, philosophies and inspirations as we moved further into the internalised rituals of music-making…

So as to ensure we don’t move too far into our nether regions without making contact with what they call the ‘real world’.

Babyslave currently are – core members:

Hypnotique (voice, sax, theremin)
Joe Ladyboy (guitar, samples, synths)

…we recently have the pleasure to be joined by:

Charles Mansion (voice, sax)

Here’s some pretentious blurb on what our first mission is about, which we call The Lair of Eros:

“A circular journey into a world both seedy and corrupt, yet a reflection of that which lurks behind the gaudy shop front of the modern, apocolyptic-era consumerist society. The musical technique is one of oblique strategies yet also reverse psychology – where seemingly literal images create a sense of known narrative yet a converse, darker journey is undertaken, where beautiful landscapes sooth an aural picture of decay, and happy melodies dance folly a circus of bloody, human horrors.”

Join Us.

Ms Hypnotique

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